Some of the great projects we have delivered

We’ve had a lot of fun as well as many coffee-fuelled late nights over the years.

From tiny apps for kids to serious business applications used by exacting multi-nationals, we’ll take on anything that will keep us learning, challenged and excited.


ArcGIS Integration, Custom controls, C++, Delphi


Export of Cyber Tracker data into Shape file format.

TRACC Solution

Microservices, Azure, SSO, Portal, Azure, Web Application, Backoffice, Reporting, Data Aggregation, Apache Lucene, Apache Spark, Open ID Connect, MVVM, Knockoutjs, Data Encryption, Document Management, Mobile Application, Responsive, 70 Countries, 2000 Operations, 15 Languages

The nZone

Insurance Broker Client Relationship Manager, CRM, .NET Core, ASP.NET, React, Azure, IMAP Integration, calendars, tasks, history of email and phone contacts, financial document management


Mobile advertising, trigger on incoming call/outgoing SMS, back office, targeted ads on demographics, reporting, business intelligence, Android, iOs, Symbian C++


Fault monitoring and remote reset system, driver control software for Transnet Freight locomotives, brake relay interface, hardware sensor integration, communication with Transnet LAN, reporting

Freedom Day Online Event

Online international event, ten countries, videoconferencing, film production, temporary 100 PC network setup, web collaboration portal, VIP and dignitory liaison, web-based game development


Driver education, 3D simulations, classroom, home, mobile versions, packaged product, licensing activation key mechanism

Turning Points in History

Electronic book series, video production, learning materials content development

Actuarial Society of South Africa

Member database and Portal, qualifications management and certificate generation, communications and newsletter management, SSO, Moodle LMS integration, web shop, payment integration, Pastel integration, Docker


Online lucky draw, payment integration


Mobile development, Android, iOS, Flutter, Firebase, data collection and visualisation

Strike Mobile

Progressive Web App, .NET Core, CINT API integration, Hangfire scheduled jobs, SMS invitations, targeted demographics

Rigby Star

Flash, educational games development

Parliament Access Control

Fault monitoring system for acces control at Parliament, downtime reporting, resolution workflow


Workflow system controlling 2 year process of parts localisation and engineering change requests, supplier portal, reporting, datasheet generation

SPDC Consulting

Onsite architectural, project management and business analysis guidance to SPDC in Port Harcourt, Nigeria as Microsoft consultants

Speak Naturally and Continuously

Voice to text engine for art installation at National Gallery and Company Gardens, Cape Town


Delphi, interface for programming traffic light controllers


Communications protocol development

Comra User Guide

Mobile development, static content delivery

idu consulting

Technical consulting to dev team, SQL query optimisation

Touch screen vending

Technical consulting to dev team, SQL query optimisation

Maths Connect Teacher Resources

Random maths question and answer generation engine, MathML, static content presentation, GDI, worksheets, generated tests and marking memos

Mapping Engine

Map data sets, web development, data visualisation

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