Obsessive-compulsive is our middle name

We’re big into your business

We speak fluent “client”

Alchemy Software is a family of skilled, passionate people committed to delivering quality software.

We build long term relationships with clients who want to enhance delivery of their core business value, creating custom software products to their specifications.

We deliver working software!

When facing the daunting world of software development, our customers have a professional, jargon-free, service-obsessive experience. Alchemy Software offers the advantages of intimacy, absolute customisation and an no-nonsense approach to delivering working software.

Our clients ...

Are looking to grow or establish their businesses through the application of software. Usually, we are creating software products that our clients will sell. In engaging with us, they do business while we do technology. We share values and a commitment to their long-term growth and success.

When choosing technologies ...

We will always look for technologies to best suit the requirement, although the majority of our project work comprises of web applications built using the Microsoft technology stack. In addition to this, we have a strong mobile development competency. We also have the low-level skills needed for network protocol development and hardware integration.